1 Jan 2014

Happy New Year Everyone!

So, one year is over, next is beginning and I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Will it be better? I think, that everybody hopes so and so do I.
I´ve made some New Year’s resolutions, but to be honest, I don´t remember if that ever worked. :D
I just hope this year will be different.
So many changed in last months and I think, that New Year can be the big new start.
I will hopefully do my best. :)

But, I will stay in the last year for a while.  It was the first Christmas and New year in my new home. But not everything was how I would like it to be.
I thought that this year I could celebrate Christmas with my boyfriend, but he had to go away. The people I´m living with were very kind and invited me to christmas dinner. And it was great but at the same time somehow...well I don´t reallly know.  They were family that I was not a part of, so I felt little bit strange.
I am a friend with their daughter and I was happy to see her after a long time (she lives in Edinburgh now). And I was curious about her boyfriend, too (I never met someone from the UK, but I missed my chance to try out my english, because I´m little bit shy and ashamed of my english :D  Well, I can´t change that, so maybe next time I will try better. :D )

I got nice presents from my friend Gabi and my boyfried and a Monster High doll - Draculaura was one of them. I like the MH dolls a lot so I´m really happy about it :D
But the best was, that I could spend New Year with my boyfriend. He was here from 30.12. and left today evening. I wish he could stay longer, but he has to learn a lot. And I have to go to work tomorrow.
It was great and I don´t even regret, that we didn´t do anywhere. We had nice time together and even went to forest and take some photos (I borrowed a sword so I´m like a little kid now, playing with "my" new toy :D). Well, I hope the photos are good, because there are just a few of them. It was cold, and the sword was even colder! :D I somehow didn´t think about that.
We went to watch the fireworks at midnight, but we couldn´t see anything because of the thick fog. I hate this so much. Every year it´t the same - exactly at New year there´s fog everywhere. -_-
But, it was a nice end of the year anyway and now let´s hope for a better year. :)



  1. Happy New Year! :) I like monster high dolls too, in fact i probably have far too many, haha. and you shouldn't be ashamed of your english, because it's really good! x

  2. A Happy New Year to you also, Chloë!


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