10 Nov 2013

Outfit post

Yeeey, outfits :D The spot by the doors is quite good, even if it, well, doesn´t look so good. But I can take fullbody photos, so I don´t really care about the background.
Today I have two outfits to share.
But  it´s cold outside, so  of course I don´t run just like that. :D I have a winterjacket too. But then all of the outfits would be almost the same :D

1.11. I was out with a  friend. I know her mostly from blog, but I´ve met her at our gothic picnic.
I really enjoyed our meeting and gosh, we were in the shopping centre for like seven hours and we didn´t even noticed :D
I wore my Tripp skirt with an underskirt and a shirt. And stripes :D
Photo was taken when I came home and you can see the bat brooch I bought that day. 

I´m not so satisfied with this second outfit to be honest. Yes, the bats are a little too much :D But I have bought them that day and I was so happy about them, so I couldn´t resist.
But the day itself was great. I just love spending time with my boyfriend. ♥

1 comment:

  1. Your outfits are always so awesome *_*
    You know, I especially like the second one instead XD it's so classic goth, with the combats and the fishnets and all those beautiful necklaces.
    The first one is very cute too, by the way <3


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