10 Nov 2013

Shut up and take my money!

Somebody please tie me to my chair and don´t let me go shopping again!
Or at least not in shops with jewelry.

I have this feeling, that the week before payday will be fucking hard again. But I just couldn´t resist. Be honest...could you?
To find in my place some kind of gothy jewelry is like a dream. And that dream came true. Even if some pieces I wanted were already sold out.
But it still was a great success, don´t you think?
Gooooosh, I´m so happy ^_^
And now I know what will be the first place to look next Halloween. I would never imagine there will be a Halloween collection! (Okay, it sucks a little bit that these gothy jewelry is presented as Halloween collection, but still...I love it!)



Necklace and bracelet.

Earrings. But they are too big so I will make a necklace and bracelet probably out of them.

Vampire fangs - hairgrips.

Earrings. The first pair is light violet.

Skeleton hand hair grip. I wanted one for so long now.

Brooch. But probably I will make a necklace or a choker. They had an amazing choked with this skeleton lady, but it was sold out. And I don´t really wear brooches.

Outfit post

Yeeey, outfits :D The spot by the doors is quite good, even if it, well, doesn´t look so good. But I can take fullbody photos, so I don´t really care about the background.
Today I have two outfits to share.
But  it´s cold outside, so  of course I don´t run just like that. :D I have a winterjacket too. But then all of the outfits would be almost the same :D

1.11. I was out with a  friend. I know her mostly from blog, but I´ve met her at our gothic picnic.
I really enjoyed our meeting and gosh, we were in the shopping centre for like seven hours and we didn´t even noticed :D
I wore my Tripp skirt with an underskirt and a shirt. And stripes :D
Photo was taken when I came home and you can see the bat brooch I bought that day. 

I´m not so satisfied with this second outfit to be honest. Yes, the bats are a little too much :D But I have bought them that day and I was so happy about them, so I couldn´t resist.
But the day itself was great. I just love spending time with my boyfriend. ♥
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