22 Oct 2013

Where are you, Halloween?

Every year I look forward to autumn. I love autumn...all the beautiful colors out there, it´s not hot like in hell anymore and I can layer finally (but somehow we jumped from being hot to being cold again...and from wearing short t-shirts to winter coats...fuck you too, weather -_-).
And of course, there is Halloween.
I used to visit stores in my city, looking at the decoration, even it I didn´t have the money (I was a poor, poor student).
This year I was really happy, because I finally had money and couldn´t wait for Halloween season to come. But...what? Where is all the Halloween stuff gone?! In supermarkets there was always something cheap and cute, I remember that. But this year is like there is nothing.
Well okay, in Slovakia we don´t really celebrate Halloween. Not so much. It´s mostly just for young people to throw costume parties and zombie walks and so on. But still it´s strange that there was like totally nothing in stores. I wouldn´t mind....but it was different last year. So, what happened?
Fuck it...
I was watching a video from kazlovesbats not so long ago and there are Halloween stores there! That´s so unfair. This is the only time of the year I really wished to live in USA. -_-

Well, I still didn´t give up. There is one little shop, that sells cool stuff. Mostly oriental, but seasonal too. And my friend bought me a halloween cup there, so I hope I will find something. I have a new home...I need new decoration! :D


  1. So this has happened elsewhere too :o I noticed that in some stores they have skipped Halloween and are selling Christmas stuff already?? Argh. Though we don't normally celebrate Halloween here in Finland either and it's rather for the young people to have costume fun and own Halloween partying too, like you said, but still there totally was a lot more of Halloween stuff in stores last year :( Snif. (Maybe it's because I live in the middle of nowhere :D Hope so, then I could find Halloween stuff in bigger cities!)

    1. I thought that the absence of halloween products is just here...now I totally don´t get what´s happening. O.o
      But yeah, christmas stuff is everywhere. I´ve seen christmas decorations since september, and it sucks. -_-

      And I didn´t even find anything nice in the shop I mentioned. Just a cup I already have and some pumpkin candle holders, but others were just autumn things...Now it really makes me angry...and sad :(

  2. It's like that where I live sometimes. The only things you can find are very cheap, low quality paper plates and such, or plastic spiders...

    1. I really wonder what is happening. Are they trying to take Halloween from us? :O

  3. I think it's very strange that some of you are reporting a disappearance of Halloween-related items. Here in the States there are stores that exist only for Halloween. They open in the beginning of September and close on 1, November. The two that I know about are called "Halloween Express" and "Halloween Spirit." I mention this because you might be able to order items online for next year; that is, if you want to. I hope this helps.

    Halloween is too wonderful to not be celebrated; especially for us Goths. Good luck and the best to you!

    1. I'm sorry! I made a mistake. The store is called "Spirit Halloween."


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