24 Oct 2013


It´s outfit time again.
I bought this skull shirt two/three days ago in a thrift store in man section. I thought it would be great to wear at home or to sleep, but I decided that it would be a shame. It´s little bit big (well, man size :D), but I think it looks really cute.
The skirt is "new" too. I bought about seven skirts this month, all for 1€ or 1,75€. Praise he thrift stores. :D But now I have to buy new hangers, too :D


Accessories: spiked collar with bat pendant, anhk, spiked headband. And on the silver chain is ring from my boyfriend (I can´t have rings at the place I work, so I mostly wear it like this. Here it is.)

And in one ear there was this cute little guy. The other earring is just black black dot.


  1. Very cute indeed ^.^ I like loose fitted sweaters, you can make it work with your outfit and they feel so comfortable as well. Just recently I found one I fell in love with but sadly it was way too small.

    Praise them indeed! I'll never get over how much you can buy with so little.

  2. Lovely outfit! I've been planning to pull off something like that for all the last week, it's funny that you came up with this pic XD! But I was thinking about wearing the whole thing with creepers and hold-ups over the tights. But the concept (tartan plated skirt + hoodie) was the same :D
    By the way I love that it's a little oversized, it's exactly how it's supposed to look in my opinion :D


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