27 Oct 2013

Outfit (Halloween came earlier)

Just few das left. And I realize, that I won´t really celebrate Halloween this year...again. I´m working on 31.October, but at least, I will end at 2 pm (not like last year, when I was working from 2pm to 10 pm. -_-).
So, I will do to town and see what´s happening. There should be a Zombie walk in the evening, so I will go and check it. And take some photos. No costume this year...again. -_-
And i have to be home early, because the next day I have to wake up at 3:30am. It´s really sucks. (But hey, next year it should be a halloween friday :D).

Yesterday I went for a little walk with my boyfriend. There is a big forest near my home and the weather is great these days. We wanted to take some photos, but I was taking too long and it was quite dark already. He was barely able to take som outfit photos. Nevermind now, the forest won´t run away (I hope). :D
So, in the Halloween mood with black and orange stripes, puffy skirt and cat ears. :D



  1. It's so adorable! I've never celebrated Halloween actually, so you're not the only one ;)


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