1 Oct 2013

Big outfit post

My outfits these days are somehow boring. I recently moved, my closet is still a mess and I still don´t have all of my things here. I was little bit (ok, not JUST a little bit) stressed and not in the mood for thinking about what to wear. Pair of black jeans and a simple T-shirt are sometimes a good choise.
But I have some older outfits to share.

Stripes everywhere... I love them so much.
This is the newest outfit photo. I don´t know if you see that, but it´s little bit lolita-inspired.
I really like lolita style, it´s so cute, but I don´t know if I could wear it. But it´s still a great inspiration.

Puffly skirt, see-through shirt and tartan tights? I just have to love it. :D I just wish the skirt was "bigger". I sadly couldn´t find the other underskirt (I don´t really know the english term for this :D)
With thin lolita-like coat.
Black and red again. A simple outfit I use to wear in summer a lot.
Even simplier (is this really a word? :D) outfit. I was just hanging out with my boyfriend near my home.
This black-and-white outfit is a little bit older. Gosh, I love stripes! ♥


  1. Wow *_*! I love your style! Even your simpler outfits look very good on you. I'm not sure whether I'm wording this properly :D but I think you have something inherently "gothic", like your black hair and your fair complexion, that makes you look "goth" even when you're just wearing denim shorts and a t-shirt :).
    I really like the skirt you paired with the red tank, and we also share a passion for stripes <3 (somehow you managed to match vertical and horizontal ones, that's something I was never able to do XD) Speaking of which, I've had this pair of vertical striped tights for months and I wasn't sure how to match them... in your last pic you gave me some ideas, so thank you ;)
    And finally, I think you'd look stunning in lolita. Why don't you give it a try?

    1. Oh, thank you so much, you really make me blush. O:) :*
      I like the skirt too, I found it in a thrift store, and it was the first gothy brand thing I ever bought (and only for like 3€ :D)
      I´m glad you think that about the striped outfits, because well, I wasn´t sure about matching the vertical and horizontal stripes, but then I just said, who cares, I love it :D
      And you´re welcome, I hope I will see your striped outfit soon :D
      Well, I like lolita fashion, but it isn´t really me. I like taking some inspiration from other styles but match it so it is more ...how to say it - for me.
      And it´s quite hard to find some loli clothes here, that I can aford, too. :D

    2. You spent so little for that beautiful skirt? Talk about lucky finds! :)
      By the way, I get you; I've always liked lolita, but, although sometimes I wear it, I still don't think it's my style. I only wear kuro and gothic because it feels less "childish" to me; and classic, for the same reason. But, just as you do, I prefer "lolitable" clothes, or items that take inspiration from the style, adjusting it to my usual tastes.
      And I totally hear you when you say it's hard to find clothes: in Italy we don't have any lolita stores, I'm forced to buy them online and by the way brands are too expensive. Luckily, there are pages where you can buy secondhand stuff and the prices are a lot lower :D also there are many Taobao shops that sell good replicas at affordable prices ;)

    3. Most of my clothes didn´t cost more that 4-5€, so I´m probably really lucky.
      I like kuro and gothic as well. And punk lolita too. I like puffy skirts, but mine are always too short and not enough puffy for lolita. But I like it more this way. But I wish for a nice and cute loli outfit someday, but probably more for photos than like everyday wear.

      There are no loli shops even in Italy? And I thought it´s like this just here. Well, at least you have something. Even second hand stuff is hard to find here, because our lolita community isn´t that big. It´s better in Czech Republic, but it costs more because of the postal charges.

  2. You're very pretty, the outfits are sweet :) Sometimes a very basic look is all you need! I think people tend to exaggerate with outfits most of the time XD

    1. Thank you. :)
      Well, I like to dress up more when I go somewhere, because I always keep it down when going to work (I have to change to work clothes so layering isn´t a good idea...it takes too long to change :D), but sometimes I just dont feel like it, and choose something simple. :)

  3. You always look very stylish, Chloë, no matter what outfit you wear. I commend you on your fashion creativity.

  4. Lovely outfits, you're very beautiful Ms.Chloë Noir =) ha It's true, when you're stressed out and have too much on your mind choosing what to wear becomes a drag. It usually ends up in the bottom of my list. During those times casual dressing is best.

    1. Thank you. And exactly like you say ;)

  5. Those tartan tights are lovely :3

  6. I so love your outfits! I'm now following your blog.
    ref. the halloween decoration: there are less and less here (France). it's a pity cos I love this celebration!

    1. Thank you very much. :)
      And as I can see it´s happening everywhere with the halloween decorations and otther stuff. I wonder what´s going on. O.o


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