27 Oct 2013

Outfit (Halloween came earlier)

Just few das left. And I realize, that I won´t really celebrate Halloween this year...again. I´m working on 31.October, but at least, I will end at 2 pm (not like last year, when I was working from 2pm to 10 pm. -_-).
So, I will do to town and see what´s happening. There should be a Zombie walk in the evening, so I will go and check it. And take some photos. No costume this year...again. -_-
And i have to be home early, because the next day I have to wake up at 3:30am. It´s really sucks. (But hey, next year it should be a halloween friday :D).

Yesterday I went for a little walk with my boyfriend. There is a big forest near my home and the weather is great these days. We wanted to take some photos, but I was taking too long and it was quite dark already. He was barely able to take som outfit photos. Nevermind now, the forest won´t run away (I hope). :D
So, in the Halloween mood with black and orange stripes, puffy skirt and cat ears. :D


24 Oct 2013


It´s outfit time again.
I bought this skull shirt two/three days ago in a thrift store in man section. I thought it would be great to wear at home or to sleep, but I decided that it would be a shame. It´s little bit big (well, man size :D), but I think it looks really cute.
The skirt is "new" too. I bought about seven skirts this month, all for 1€ or 1,75€. Praise he thrift stores. :D But now I have to buy new hangers, too :D


Accessories: spiked collar with bat pendant, anhk, spiked headband. And on the silver chain is ring from my boyfriend (I can´t have rings at the place I work, so I mostly wear it like this. Here it is.)

And in one ear there was this cute little guy. The other earring is just black black dot.

22 Oct 2013

Where are you, Halloween?

Every year I look forward to autumn. I love autumn...all the beautiful colors out there, it´s not hot like in hell anymore and I can layer finally (but somehow we jumped from being hot to being cold again...and from wearing short t-shirts to winter coats...fuck you too, weather -_-).
And of course, there is Halloween.
I used to visit stores in my city, looking at the decoration, even it I didn´t have the money (I was a poor, poor student).
This year I was really happy, because I finally had money and couldn´t wait for Halloween season to come. But...what? Where is all the Halloween stuff gone?! In supermarkets there was always something cheap and cute, I remember that. But this year is like there is nothing.
Well okay, in Slovakia we don´t really celebrate Halloween. Not so much. It´s mostly just for young people to throw costume parties and zombie walks and so on. But still it´s strange that there was like totally nothing in stores. I wouldn´t mind....but it was different last year. So, what happened?
Fuck it...
I was watching a video from kazlovesbats not so long ago and there are Halloween stores there! That´s so unfair. This is the only time of the year I really wished to live in USA. -_-

Well, I still didn´t give up. There is one little shop, that sells cool stuff. Mostly oriental, but seasonal too. And my friend bought me a halloween cup there, so I hope I will find something. I have a new home...I need new decoration! :D

13 Oct 2013

Doodles and drawings II: Shadow Hunters

 Warning: Picture heavy post.

I started drawing in manga style many years ago. It was easrier for me and I like it, like I like anime ang manga even now, after all the years.
Shadow Hunters should be the title of my manga. I feel somehow sad thinking about it, because I put so many time and love in it and then I just quit.
So many things I would like to do and so little time. And when I started to work, it was even worse, because even if I would find the time, I was coming home so tired, that I just turned on the TV and turned off my brain. I stopped to read, I stopped to blog.
Sometimes I take out all the pictures and linearts and look at them thinking over the story. It´s still in my head and maybe I will find the time to draw it.

It should be little bit of fantay, little bit of horror, school life, supernatural and well..yaoi and shoujo-ai. :D Demons, bad spirits and so...Well, I was  inspired a lot by Bleach (some of the characters where made up for a Bleach fanfiction I wanted to write together with my friend, that´s why :D), Monochrome Factor, Ao no Exorcist and many other. :D
The biggest mistake I made was, that this would be my first manga. But instead of starting with something easier that could be a oneshot story, I choosed to begin with the longest and hardest story I had in my mind - with lot of fighting, erotic scenes and so...and fuck...I´m not even sure if I could actually draw something like that. :D
But, enough words, here are some of my drawings.
They are all drawn by hand, and mostly colored in Photoshop with the mouse..

(From newest to oldest...mostly. And some of them are for the story, but some of them are just random.)
Ryo - demon version

Ryuu - demon version (inspired by the song title - Angeldemon)

10 Oct 2013

Doodles and drawings I: "Creepy" little doodles

 Warning: Picture heavy post

First things first: I love to draw. Or I should probably say - I used to love it.
Ok, I think, that I still do. But I didn´t draw anything for...I don´t really know.. a year maybe?  Not that I didn´t want to, I just didn´t have the time or the inspiration. Something was always missing.
I used to doodle when in school (school was booooring...but somehow so inspirating. Especially maths :D) and at home too. Mostly in manga style. I even startet do draw a manga, but didn´t get over first chapter.
School, blogging and now working...I don´t even have time to read or write something on blog, so I´m not really thinking that I will find the time to draw in the near future. But I will. I wish that someday I will end the story I made up and make it a real manga. :D
But more about that in another post (and yes, there will be more of this self-presentation posts. Don´t say I didn´t warn you :D). I was looking through my slovak blog and ended up looking at all of my pictures I uploaded. So I decided to show you some of them.
Here are some of the doodles, mostly from school. :D




1 Oct 2013

Big outfit post

My outfits these days are somehow boring. I recently moved, my closet is still a mess and I still don´t have all of my things here. I was little bit (ok, not JUST a little bit) stressed and not in the mood for thinking about what to wear. Pair of black jeans and a simple T-shirt are sometimes a good choise.
But I have some older outfits to share.

Stripes everywhere... I love them so much.
This is the newest outfit photo. I don´t know if you see that, but it´s little bit lolita-inspired.
I really like lolita style, it´s so cute, but I don´t know if I could wear it. But it´s still a great inspiration.

Puffly skirt, see-through shirt and tartan tights? I just have to love it. :D I just wish the skirt was "bigger". I sadly couldn´t find the other underskirt (I don´t really know the english term for this :D)
With thin lolita-like coat.
Black and red again. A simple outfit I use to wear in summer a lot.
Even simplier (is this really a word? :D) outfit. I was just hanging out with my boyfriend near my home.
This black-and-white outfit is a little bit older. Gosh, I love stripes! ♥
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