19 Aug 2013

Photoshooting (and Tumblr changes)

Firstly - thank you all for lovely comments. It´s great to find people who think similar or have similar interests and taste. :)
I know it´s quite rude not to answer them, but I don´t really have time now. And writing in english still takes me longer than it should :D

Some changes were made on my tumblr. I decided that it will be some sort of gallery, where I will upload photos I made, so I don´t spam this blog so much. :D
Here will I upload only the ones I like the most.
So, I already mentioned the photoshooting I had with Jozef Masarik. And, here are some more photos from him.
I really love them. :)
You can find Jozefs gallery :here:







I absolutely LOVE this one ♥

11 Aug 2013

Why should I?

Many of you probably heard questions like "Why can´t you be normal?" or like my grandma likes to ask: "Why can´t you be like everyone else?".  Somehow this type of questions always makes me smile and mostly I reply: "Why should I?"
And you know what? Nobody ever answered my question. Whenever I say that, suddenly is everybody quiet. Well, I´m not surprised by that, to be honest.
Some people really should start using that thing called brain they have in their heads. Everybody should have a choice (and of course not just in things like fashion, music or style) and everybody should be who he wants to be...and not who other people want him to be.
Why should I be like everyone else, when I don´t have to? And I don´t even want to?
It was few days ago when a boy about my age (or should I say young man? :D) turned at me and from all of a sudden said: "Why are you like this? Why can´t you be normal?".
I was going to see a doctor so I was quite scared and even in hurry, so all that came out of me was just surprised: "How normal?" But I was thinking at the bus a little bit (at least I didn´t think about the doctor so much). He actually said, that I wasn´t normal. I don´t think there is some definition of "normal", and for example for me it´s totally normal to wear black clother, collar and chains. But really...so I´m not normal because the way I look, but his behaviour towards me is completely okay? I find it funny how some people think.
When I was younger and  just started to dress this way, that kind of reactions hurt. My self-esteem was low, but I wanted to be myself and wear and do what I liked. 
I was always an outsider, so I already knew how words can hurt. But getting bad reactions at my new self was something different, mostly because I was happy that way, I felt better...and then there were some idiots calling me names and so.
It still didn´t make me to turn "normal". I started to learn not to give a fuck about what other people say. Especially the ones, who were (like) strangers to me. It was a hard way, but I´m more confident now and I found really good friends who like me the way I am. Some stupid reactions from people, who don´t even know me won´t get me on my knees.

Well, when you want to be yourself and not follow the mainstrem, you won´t escape the bad reactions. And you can´t stop people being intolerant (and stupid). You have to be confident in your skin (and clothes) and show them, that you are who you are - and you are happy that way. :)
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