28 Jul 2013

Outfit post and some news (soon...)

I´m back (sort of) so here´s the new outfit. Okay, it´s not really new, more from a month ago or so. Few days if was quite cold and it was raining a lot (that´s why my hair looks like this :D), so I decided to try my new shoes. Well, the heels are higher that I thought and I was used on converse-type shoes, so when I finally got home I was sure my legs are going to fall off. :D
I had a shirt with long sleeves and lacing. I changed the black lace with red one long time ago. I think it looks way better like this. Bottom is Tripp skirt I found in thrift store for only 3,33€ (I love it!)  and the tartan (?) tights are from a vietnamese shop.

And I have some news, too. I had a photoshooting again. To be exact - two photoshootings. :D One little with my boyfriend. There were just a few photos, because gosh, was I tired. :D  You can find them :here:

And then there are plenty of new photos I shoot with Jozef Masarik again. I was worried little bit, because I was tired and my brain just couldn´t remember any poses and expressions and my hair was...well not like I wanted...but they turned up nice, so I´m happy about it. :)

Here are three photos for now.





  1. Thank you for following my blog! Followed back since yours is pretty interesting too! ^^

    I love your shoes! High heels can be a struggle sometimes but they make your legs look beautiful and it's worth it I believe. :)

  2. Great photo's, i love the last one!


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