9 Jul 2013

I´m not dead...yet...

Well, I was somehow busy these days and didn´t really have time for anything. The job is killing me and after four days we have just one day free. And again, four days and one day free and so on. I mean, I would rather work five days with a normal weekend, than like this. -_- Should I catch up with all the things in one day?
No way...of course I´m going to spend my free day with my boyfriend!
This last times together were great. I was in Prešov at my nameday and he made me sushi. It was so delicious ♥ (you can read more about it :here:).
And now we were out. The sun was shining, but wind was cool and nice, so it wasn´t like hell. We took a rug and gone near a forest. But damn you, mosquitos! My lovely white skin is now full of red dots (looks like I´m polkadoted) and bruises (yeah, because lying on stones was such a great idea :D), but fuck yeah...totally worth it! It was an amazing day, and I think we both needed that.

I will catch up with blog as soon as possible. I have new outfits and photos too. And wow, it was such a surprise to read the comments and see that I was tagged - twice! Thank you, girls! :)
And one of the reader of my old blog joined me again, so I´m happy to see her again.

So, this is probably all for now and I´m running to work again. :)



  1. That sounds like a brutal schedule. I find that even 2-day weekends are not enough! Hang in there - looking forward to seeing your upcoming outfit posts. :)

  2. Hello! I just wanted to thank you for following my blog, thanks for your attention :)

    Woow, a boyfriend making some sushi... That sounds familiar :) I guess we're lucky to have guys like that ;D


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