28 Jul 2013

DIY Teddy

Did I already say that I love stuffed animals? Especially teddybears, even if I only have two of them.
But, I don´t want the same teddys like everyone else...the teddys I want must have that special touch. What about little bit of DIY?

Let me introduce you - Victor
He was my first "victim". It started with replacing the ribbon he had with a black one. Later I added the fishnet, nose chain and red mohawk. Actually I ended replacing the black ribbon with spiked collar (the first photo is older).
My cute little evil teddy. :D
Older photo...
New collar
My second teddy is a gift from my boyfriend. It was a souvenir from London. I didn´t do anything with him...he´s perfect like he is, but I "updated" a little panda-bear that I gave my boyfriend for birthday with fishnet, studed collar and earrings. :D :D (the ring is not part of the panda "outfit" :D)


  1. Victor and his friend look very happy with their Gothic style. I think they like living with you.

  2. Yey, my panda! :D She's just seen this photo and.. she's angry with you! :D She's asking me where is her ex-friend from London, cause she doesn't see him here. :P

  3. This is so cute!!! They both look awesome, very original! :)

  4. Ahh these are so cute!! Mr. Panda is very stylish indeed! ^^

  5. These are both really cute! :3


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