28 Jun 2013

"You would be so pretty if you were not a goth"

Ever heard this one? Well, me too, and somehow it´s really getting annoying.

Once I wanted to win a bet, so I dressed "normaly" for a week. And everybody said how nice and pretty I am, when I look "normal".   And I was like WHAT?! When I dress goth I´m not pretty, or what? And always the same words: If you wouldn´t dress so-and-so you would be so pretty.  -_-
Why can´t some people just accept, that what´s pretty for them musn´t be pretty for another. I didn´t feel pretty without my black, without my collar, chains, fishnet and so. It wasn´t me. And I was nervous and unsure. I felt like a poser, trying to be something I´m not. But they were so convinced that I would start dressing "normal" for real. Somehow it was funny too. And when the week was over I pulled out my blackest black and was so happy :D And everyone around me was like: "Oh, again in black?" You could see the disappointment in their faces.
Somehow I have to ask myself...do they think, that I would wear something in what I would feel ugly? Don´t they see, that I´m happier in what I love to wear?
But I´m lucky, because well, many of my friends are alternative too. And from them I heard the words I wanted to hear: "You look better this way." :D



  1. If anything I believe the goth look enhances natural beauty!

  2. People would tell me that I looked so much better without all my heavy makeup on, and when I wore something that wasn't black, they'd make sure to comment on how nice it looked, which was always really offensive. It's true––I don't feel pretty without my black, either. It's not me, and I panic and feel insecure as well.

    Why can't everyone just let each other be? c:

  3. I agree with The Green Fairy.

    I find it offensive when someone points out how they would change me so I'd look "hot". It is simply unacceptable! I don't go around telling others how to dress.

    Plus, It would be so boring f everyone looked the same, no?

  4. I hate when people say stuff like that. I get to hear a lot like: "You should wear blue, that would suit your skincolor" or, "how boooooring that you own so much black clothing"
    =.= seriously. I don't go around and tell people they should dress goth to be prettier, why is it more okay to tell alternative people that.

  5. Everyone is beautiful in his or her own way I think this is very nice and i´ll stand with you, i love the black, skulls, chains etc,, Sometimes I change my styles but I always come on the alternative style again .. it´s a keeper :)

  6. Just yesterday I discovered your new blog. I guess it had been a while since I checked your old one. I'm very glad to see that you're blogging again. I always enjoyed your wonderful photos and outfit posts. All I can say is, try not to let those detractors tell you that you'd look prettier if you were not Goth. For what it's worth, I think you are an amazingly beautiful Goth.

  7. Everyone gets this at some point in her life...but atcutally, it's not the colors, that make you look pretty, and well, pretty is kinda relative anyway...
    On the other hand, people kept telling me I'd look better if I wore colors...well, quess what, I wear colors and I feel better. But because I want to wear them. It's natural stubborness, I guess; you might be looking better in colorful clothes - well, actually I do believe colors are not entirely evil -, but since it wasn't your idea to put them on, you'll stick to your black...anyway, sorry for the rant. :)

  8. This is definitely a familiar one. My taste is actually quite broad, so one day I can dress all in black and the next I can look completely different, which makes it even more confusing for people around me XD

  9. I think that this question is really rude and annoying. people just can't get over that you feel pretty and confident in something that is not 'mainstream' and they deny it because they are afraid to dress however they want! Never dress in a way other people tell you, be yourself! You are a beautiful girl!

  10. odkedy mám modré vlasy mi práveže všetci hovoria akos a mi to hodí a aké je to super.. je to iné a páčim sa im. ale hlavne sebe :)

  11. I get this. I can't wear Goth to work, so I'm often spotted in more mainstream clothes and I get "You're so pretty when you don't wear all that Goth stuff" type comments... Well, I think mainstream clothes are often far too plain and often downright ugly, so I certainly don't feel pretty wearing them. Most people would be terribly offended if I told them they'd be so pretty if they only wore Goth instead...


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