12 Jun 2013

Should I or should I not?

Shoes...I don´t have many of them. I mean the ones I could really wear and not b afraid that they fall apart. :D (yeah, I have worn my boots just too many times :D).
I´m thinking about buying something other than trainers (or how they are called) or winter boots.
I found these in a shop, but I never really hade this type of shoes. I want something for goth and lolita inspired outfits.
What do you think? Should I buy them? :D


And I´m thinking about buying these boots. I wanted them but never had the money. These are little bit (okay, maybe not that little) worn out, but I think I could fix the scratches. But they cost 30€.  Not sure if the price is worth it. :-/

1 comment:

  1. In my opinion these shoes are really nice, but it could be difficult to walk in them if you aren't used to... (I also have shoes with 8 cm heels - they're quite comfortable, but I must walk slowly in them, 'cause I feel insecure when I wear this kind of shoes.)

    But I don´t think you should buy these shoes in special shop, because it's very expensive. You should visit the website www.votocvohoz.cz (or other websites like this), where you can find cheap new boots not only for goths ;)



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