28 Jun 2013

Outfit post

Looking at this photo I have to laugh. Somehow I look so angry :D Well, I´m not so good with selfies, especially not, when I have 10 seconds to run down from stairs and then pose :D
But, that´s the only place I could find, where I can take fullbody selfies...outside the door. :D


So, little bit of punky. :D I love plaid skirts, but somehow I really had hard time finding one. This one was from thrift store (like almost everything I have :D) The brand is Orsay, and all of the things I have from them (but everything found in thrift stores) is just amazing. There is a black text printing. You can see it better [here].
On top there is just an old black t-shirt from  local vietnamese shop. But I really like the leggings. Found in a chinese shop not so long ago. And because I don´t like bare legs, this is really what I need. :D
Around neck it´s leather strap, my lovely ankh and a reaper with two scythes.


  1. Your outfit looks great. And I have the same problem with trying to take decent pictures with my 10 second timer. Also I tagged you in a challenge on my blog.

  2. I also tend to look angry on outfitpictures, haha!

    I like your outfit! Plaid skirt and converse is such a nice combo ^^

  3. I think I own these tights! :o Mine were from Claires, however - I'm fond of them over sheer black tights.

    Anyway, I was just messaging to say that I've tagged you in a meme on my blog! Feel free to participate. :)


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