16 Jun 2013

Outfit post and new shoes

Yesterday was great. I spent the time with my boyfriend and it was lovely like always. It´s just bad, that we see each other mostly only once a week. Time, money and mostly our parents. Seems like everything is against us. -_- Really, is it normal, that we can´t even cuddle, when we´re at home. And about spending night together? Well, I´m 23 but according to my mother I can´t sleep somewhere else. -_-
But enough sbout that. I wanted to "talk" about yesterdays outfit :D
I think, it would look better with ripped tights, but I didn´t have any, so I took these black and grey. I bought them in shop with mixed ware (I found there also tiny top hats and my bat vase.) and they costet abou 1€. The skirt is the same as the day before, but the top is new.  Again from thrift store. It somehow fun buing it, because, to be honest until I got home I didn´t even know how it looks like. It was totally tangled. But there was fishnet and it costed only 1€. And voilà...it´s a fishnet with ripped top :D I love it. Exact for hot summer days.


And today was again shopping day. I wanted to buy the shoes I wrote about lately. I thought that they will have them in my size in another shopping centre, but...no. They didn´t even have the shoes! That´s so unfair. :´(  And I fall so in love with them. -_-
So, I walked through every shop with shoes, looking for some that would catch my eyes. And well, I ended up with two pairs. 

These are lovely. But not really for hot summer days. From Deichmann (Graceland) for 29,99€.
And these are from Humanic (19,99€). Not exactly what I looked for. But, they were the best I could find. And I just need something I can wear with skirts and dresses in summer.
But I wish the heels would be a little bit higher. There are nice shoes, but I don´t like the types, that are open in the front. :-/


  1. The shoes look really baeutiful, especially the first one. It's pity that they're more suitable for winter than summer, but I'l looking forward to see you in them in some very nice outfit. :P
    Yesterday's outfit was great and quite pretty close up. :D But I'm wondering.. why did you post here a photo with closed eyes if there were so many taken? O_o

  2. It's too bad you guys spend so little time together, I have experienced it myself. After a year we moved in together i was so happy about it. . All this traveling back and forth was not great..
    Nice outfit!


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