15 Jun 2013

Outfit of the day & today's shopping

So, today I was again after a longer time ith my friend Gabi. And we went shopping a little bit. I wanted the shoes I showed in the last post. Sadly, they didn´t have my size. Oh, that is so unfair. And I started to really love them -_-
I will try another shopping center and hope that I will be luckier.

But, first things first. Today´s outfit...
Is it too late for Red & Black Week? :D  As I said, black and red is my favourite color combination. And I have many red clothes. But I´m starting to ad a little more purple to my closet. And I want something blue, too.

Everything except the shoes, red tights and accessories is from thrift stores - red top, black see-through top with lacing (1€), skirt, fishnet stocking (0,40€), studded belt (1€) - chains added by me.
Shoes are from Deichmann.
Spiked collar with a bat is made by me. Then I have a spider pendant...it was on an earring, but I like it more like this. And a silver ankh - gift from my boyfriend (before we were together :D), as well as the ring with onyx stone (the ring...isn´t it beautifull?). Bracelets are one from Terranova (bought together with a skull bracelet I picked apart and made me skull earrings :D) and other handmade. And a chain (yeah, I love chains :D).
And my lovely hat I modified with studs and chain.

And this is how it looked like with long jacket before going home (it´s colder in the evenings).

Some details:
My nails (with Crack me up from Miss sporty).
And earring. The other one is just plain black.

Although I didn´t buy the shoes, I still wasn´t going home with empty hands.

In Terranova I bought the dress I wanted some time ago. It costed 19,99€, but I like it. Well, I don´t  like it like a dress so I will make a skirt from it. Couldn´t take a proper photo or find some picture online, so this is probably how it will look like skirt. But longer.

The next thing is this belt.
Thin with rivets and little skulls. I want to make a collar and bracelet from it. (3,99€)

And this shirt-like collar with studs. (4,99€)
In a vietnamese shop I bought new headband. This time in purple. And with skulls. :D I love it. :D And finally have I some accessory in purple. :)

Aaaaand a fake fringe. I wanted to know I would I look when I cut my hair. I was so happy when I found this. And I think a fringe would suit me :P Yes, I know it isn´t cut very well, but it costed only 2€.


It was a great day, finally spending time together with my best friend. Going shopping, watching a show and eating pizza :D
It´s somehow sad that with only one and half day free and a boyfriend we don´t spend so  much time together like we did before.


  1. I love your style! Beautiful skirt by the way, i'm looking for something simular..

  2. Well.. if I'm looking at these two styles(with and without that fringe) I'm pretty nervous about that. You look so beautiful without, but with you look so cute and very young.. I've some strange feeling like I'm so old.. impossibru! :D
    I'm really curious how will you look like with fringe, but still.. there is that feeling, you know, the fear of something new and so on. :-/


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