2 Jun 2013

New haircut? Go for it!

Just some blabbling...

I never wanted a new haircut so badly like now.
Since I was a child I always dreamed about long, straight black hair with a simple fringe. Well, I can´t really have it straight, but at least they are black and long :D
Lately I was thinking about the fringe again. Almost everyone says that I shouldn´t do it. That it won´t suit me. (something in this way)
Well, that may be true, but...I can try, can´t I? How can I know it won´t suit me, when I do not even try?
It was the same with short hair, but when I cut it, many of them changed their minds...it wasn´t that bad in the end.
And I have to say, the more they dissuade me from cutting my hair, the more I want it :D
I really need a little change.

This is my hair through the years...aside from cutting it that time, it´s pretty much the same...

Chloë Noir

Chloe Noir

The fringe has grown a little bit.

Chloë Noir

Chloë Noir

At the end of the year I cut it, decided to cut it completely. This was the "temporary stage"


Short and shorter. I cut it myself one night(!) I have to say...I liked it. But didn´t really like what the hairdresser did later...I wanted just cut the back, but she cut it all -_- 

Chloë Noir
This was my "job"
I couldn´t find one after I got from hairdresser. But my hair grows quite fast :)
I colored it...front was "red" and the back was black :)
And then got back to all black :D

Just messing around :D
Getting longer :)
I loved this lenght :) Ideal :)


And longer...


aaaand longer :D
I had double color at the beginning again. Now it´s the same but black...again :D




  1. I am loving your hair! And your style, particularly the ripped tights. You're quite pretty :)

    1. Thank you very much :) And ripped tights are one of the reasons wh I wanted warmer weather :D

  2. I think a fringe like that will look really really well with your face! It is a way of symmetry you need in your features for a fringe, which you have;)
    Just make sure it covers your eyebrows. That would look best I think:D (not because of your brows but because of that symmetry)
    I had the same problem... too scared to try a fringe but eventually I did it and i've never been happier^^
    Much love xx

    1. Thank you so much for this! Finally someone with positive reaction at my fringe dilemma. :D
      Thank you for the tip as well.
      And well, even if it wouldn´t look so good in the end...it´s just hair, it will grow again :D

    2. You're welcome^^
      Exactly, it's only hair, and if you don't like it cut it shorter or let it grow out a little into a side fringe:)
      Now I wish I just had the courage to shave the sides of my head:P


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