6 Jun 2013

Hudba I

Hudba is slovak word for music. And this is what I want to talk about a little bit - Slovak music...
Well, to be honest, there are only few slovak bands that I like...a few mostly underground but great bands from all over my little country. None of them will you ever hear at our local radio stations, or in television. Pop, hip-hop and dance, this is mostly what you can hear there. Or some of the classic rock songs...or something new from well-known bands like Linkin Park. Sometimes I wish we would have some alternative radio station, which would also introduce our slovak bands too.
Becauce we have some really good bands here, and some people don´t even know. Somehow sad.
Great punk and rock bands, metal bands and even some goth bands...
So, why not share some of my favourites? :)

One of my favourite goth/deathrock bands is a slovak band. And they are not that unkown.
Ladies and gentlemen - The Last Days of Jesus

1 comment:

  1. They are pretty cool! But I didn't know they are Slovak. I listen to one dark Slovak band, Last Influence Of Brain. I accidentally saw them live once and fell in love with their music :)


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