8 Jun 2013

Goth stereotypes and me

Stereotypes, streotypes everywhere. :D
I have to say, I can understand why many of the stereotypes actually became stereotypes. And I somehow don´t really mind if someone think that this or that is goth. Like Halloween, vampires, bats and so. It´s mostly harmless, so nevermind.
But I really hate it, when people think we murder animals, or are all antisocial depressive psychopats, who hate everything and everyone, or that we never laught and that sort of stuff.
But going back to stereotypes, especially the ones, that apply to me.

- Black of course. I love black color. Having a job where I have to wear all white was just killing me and I used every chance to wear atleast black pants. :D But I´m little bit happier now, because I´m in a section, where we have gray t-shirts and the pants don´t really mind, so yeeey :D
I wear black most the time, sometimes in combination with red, purple, white or gray.

- Vampires and werewolves! They are to me really fascinating and I love stories with vampires or werewolves. I even play RPG as a werewolf now somehow married to a vampire and my ehm..brother :D Nevermind, it´s a really loooong story :D
For many years now I wanted vampire fangs and yeah, I´m little bit jealous of Adora :D But sadly, I can´t have them...Splay teeth - it would´t look nice :-/ (maybe when I will be older I will get a false teeth with fangs...:D A vampire granny :D).
We used to make fun with a friend pretending that I´m a vampire. Really great fun :D

- And bats too. I want to have a bat pet. :D
Well, I can´t, but I have a little bat on my collar, a plastic bat on a wall and a bat vase with dried roses I got from my boyfriend ♥
And Zero, my cute plush bat I got at a thrift store (why would anyone give such a cutie away? Nevermind, he´s mine now :D)
And I want bat earrings and a tattoo with bats. :D
I like dragons as well, and wolves. And spiders, but not the real ones :D They are somehow scary...but fascinating as well.

- Dark art. All the dark and "depressing" pictures. Years ago I even tried making some sort of dark-art pictures and photomanipulations myself. It was fun, but I don´t have time for that now. Sometimes I miss it.

- Going to cemeteries. I think cemeteries are amazing places. Especially the old ones. I don´t like the modern graves and the fake flowers...too kitshy I think...and not in a good way.
I used to go at my local cemeteries for a walk, thinking and relaxing. And taking photos. The statues are amazing and some of the graves too. It´s an lovely piece of architecture...an art.
And it´s a nice quiet place :)

- Aversion to light. Especially the sunlight. My brother laughs always, that I should go and live in a cave (well, I doubt there would be an internet connection, so forget it! :D), because I keep it always dark in my (our) room.  But, my eyes are sensitive when it comes to light, and I almost can´t see in the bright summer sunlight. Annoying..and it really hurts! -_-

- Pale skin. My mother always says, I should get tanned a little bit, because with the black hair and pale skin I look like the death. :D
I have nothing against tanned people, but I just don´t like it at myself. I like the pale skin, it looks nice :)

- Skulls. I like buying things with skulls. Skull decorations, clothes with skulls, skull accesories. :D Kitschy but who cares? :D

- Fantasy, horror and sci-fi. My favourite genres. But I have to say I´m also a big fan of comedies and parodies (especially the teen ones :D ).
And almost everything paranormal or magic. :D

- Halloween of course. It´s not celebrated in our country but I like the theme. And we have something like costume meetings every year. Well, most of my "costumes" aren´t  costumes at all. :D One year I was searching for a group in McDonalds...they like my ehm "costume" and even wanted to take a photo with me. And I got a free icecream :D
"But it´s not a costu...oh, free icecream...nevermind" :D

- Being artistic. Ok, maybe not that much, but I draw (in manga style, but I don´t think it matters), I take photos, I write, I modify clothes and acessories. And I used to make photomanipulations too. And even thinking about outfits is a way to expess myself :)

Well, that´s all for now. I hope my english isn´t too bad, it´s years now that I written somehing longer that few simple sentences. :D


  1. I see many similarities with myself, except the cemeteries. They bring me sad memories ..

    1. I have to say, I´m glad I´m not alone. But I understand that with the cemeteries. Well, they really aren´t the happiest place. :)

  2. I like kitsch cemeteries and kitsch Halloween decorations, as well as camp movies. I think I'm turning into a kitsch-goth XD (we'll have to invent that stereotype as well!) :)

    1. Kitsch-goth :D I would definitelly like that :D


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