18 Jun 2013

Because I love thrifting

Shopping in "normal" shops felf kinda weird, like I wouldn´t belong there. All the modern and bright colors and all the weird looks I got. :D Well, I have to say that I don´t like it, when many people wear the same (or really similar) things as me. And it´s even worse for me, when something I like is trendy and everyone has it, like the studs and spikes recently. I will sound like a hipster, but hell, I had studed clothes before it was cool. :D
I´m more the thrifting person and I´ve benn a fan of the second-hand shops for a long time now. 95% of my wardrobe consists of thrift-shop clothes.
It´s like searching for a treasure for me. You never know what will you find. Sometimes you go home with empty hands, but sometimes with so amazing things that you don´t even believe it.
I started thrifting because in normal shops there was barely something in my style. And the alternative online shops were too expensive and I didn´t have money. But even if now I have a job a don´t feel like shopping from goth shops. It´s somehow always the same. Of course there are things I would like to buy - like corset or shoes. Or some shirts or jackets with printings. But at the same time I don´t feel like buying something that would every alternative person in my area have too.
I love thrifting. I can find amazing and gothy things for price so low, it´s almost like free. And there aren´t many people who would have the same thing. :P
I like the searching, and thinking about if this or that piece could be modified. It´s relaxing (at least for me :D).

Want to see my found "treasures"?
Then
And the most expensive pieces costed me only 2,50€ or 3€.




Long goth dress. Okay, this is probably the most expensive thrift-shop purchase...4€ :D In 100% condition.










  1. Wow! I'm impressed with you finds! Unfortunately, the thrift stores near me have been picked clean of the "good stuff".

  2. That is som nice founds! Everything is very pretty. I agree with you, I actually think at least 85% of my wardrobe is second hand, it's so cheap and it's very easy to find great clothings in black :D


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