28 Jun 2013

Outfit post

Looking at this photo I have to laugh. Somehow I look so angry :D Well, I´m not so good with selfies, especially not, when I have 10 seconds to run down from stairs and then pose :D
But, that´s the only place I could find, where I can take fullbody selfies...outside the door. :D


So, little bit of punky. :D I love plaid skirts, but somehow I really had hard time finding one. This one was from thrift store (like almost everything I have :D) The brand is Orsay, and all of the things I have from them (but everything found in thrift stores) is just amazing. There is a black text printing. You can see it better [here].
On top there is just an old black t-shirt from  local vietnamese shop. But I really like the leggings. Found in a chinese shop not so long ago. And because I don´t like bare legs, this is really what I need. :D
Around neck it´s leather strap, my lovely ankh and a reaper with two scythes.

"You would be so pretty if you were not a goth"

Ever heard this one? Well, me too, and somehow it´s really getting annoying.

Once I wanted to win a bet, so I dressed "normaly" for a week. And everybody said how nice and pretty I am, when I look "normal".   And I was like WHAT?! When I dress goth I´m not pretty, or what? And always the same words: If you wouldn´t dress so-and-so you would be so pretty.  -_-
Why can´t some people just accept, that what´s pretty for them musn´t be pretty for another. I didn´t feel pretty without my black, without my collar, chains, fishnet and so. It wasn´t me. And I was nervous and unsure. I felt like a poser, trying to be something I´m not. But they were so convinced that I would start dressing "normal" for real. Somehow it was funny too. And when the week was over I pulled out my blackest black and was so happy :D And everyone around me was like: "Oh, again in black?" You could see the disappointment in their faces.
Somehow I have to ask myself...do they think, that I would wear something in what I would feel ugly? Don´t they see, that I´m happier in what I love to wear?
But I´m lucky, because well, many of my friends are alternative too. And from them I heard the words I wanted to hear: "You look better this way." :D


25 Jun 2013

Old times

I´m really sorry for not answering the comments and not posting anything. I´m being somehow busy these days, trying to manage too many things at once. I really don´t know why I´m doing it again and again when I know, that I can´t handle it all and I just end up not finishing any of that.

Well, nevermind...I want to share another set of photos taken in the same day as the first.
And there is still one more set.

Photography: Jozef Masarik
Model: Chloë Noir (me)


18 Jun 2013

Because I love thrifting

Shopping in "normal" shops felf kinda weird, like I wouldn´t belong there. All the modern and bright colors and all the weird looks I got. :D Well, I have to say that I don´t like it, when many people wear the same (or really similar) things as me. And it´s even worse for me, when something I like is trendy and everyone has it, like the studs and spikes recently. I will sound like a hipster, but hell, I had studed clothes before it was cool. :D
I´m more the thrifting person and I´ve benn a fan of the second-hand shops for a long time now. 95% of my wardrobe consists of thrift-shop clothes.
It´s like searching for a treasure for me. You never know what will you find. Sometimes you go home with empty hands, but sometimes with so amazing things that you don´t even believe it.
I started thrifting because in normal shops there was barely something in my style. And the alternative online shops were too expensive and I didn´t have money. But even if now I have a job a don´t feel like shopping from goth shops. It´s somehow always the same. Of course there are things I would like to buy - like corset or shoes. Or some shirts or jackets with printings. But at the same time I don´t feel like buying something that would every alternative person in my area have too.
I love thrifting. I can find amazing and gothy things for price so low, it´s almost like free. And there aren´t many people who would have the same thing. :P
I like the searching, and thinking about if this or that piece could be modified. It´s relaxing (at least for me :D).

Want to see my found "treasures"?
Then
And the most expensive pieces costed me only 2,50€ or 3€.

16 Jun 2013

Outfit post and new shoes

Yesterday was great. I spent the time with my boyfriend and it was lovely like always. It´s just bad, that we see each other mostly only once a week. Time, money and mostly our parents. Seems like everything is against us. -_- Really, is it normal, that we can´t even cuddle, when we´re at home. And about spending night together? Well, I´m 23 but according to my mother I can´t sleep somewhere else. -_-
But enough sbout that. I wanted to "talk" about yesterdays outfit :D
I think, it would look better with ripped tights, but I didn´t have any, so I took these black and grey. I bought them in shop with mixed ware (I found there also tiny top hats and my bat vase.) and they costet abou 1€. The skirt is the same as the day before, but the top is new.  Again from thrift store. It somehow fun buing it, because, to be honest until I got home I didn´t even know how it looks like. It was totally tangled. But there was fishnet and it costed only 1€. And voilà...it´s a fishnet with ripped top :D I love it. Exact for hot summer days.


15 Jun 2013

Outfit of the day & today's shopping

So, today I was again after a longer time ith my friend Gabi. And we went shopping a little bit. I wanted the shoes I showed in the last post. Sadly, they didn´t have my size. Oh, that is so unfair. And I started to really love them -_-
I will try another shopping center and hope that I will be luckier.

But, first things first. Today´s outfit...
Is it too late for Red & Black Week? :D  As I said, black and red is my favourite color combination. And I have many red clothes. But I´m starting to ad a little more purple to my closet. And I want something blue, too.

Everything except the shoes, red tights and accessories is from thrift stores - red top, black see-through top with lacing (1€), skirt, fishnet stocking (0,40€), studded belt (1€) - chains added by me.
Shoes are from Deichmann.
Spiked collar with a bat is made by me. Then I have a spider pendant...it was on an earring, but I like it more like this. And a silver ankh - gift from my boyfriend (before we were together :D), as well as the ring with onyx stone (the ring...isn´t it beautifull?). Bracelets are one from Terranova (bought together with a skull bracelet I picked apart and made me skull earrings :D) and other handmade. And a chain (yeah, I love chains :D).
And my lovely hat I modified with studs and chain.

12 Jun 2013

Should I or should I not?

Shoes...I don´t have many of them. I mean the ones I could really wear and not b afraid that they fall apart. :D (yeah, I have worn my boots just too many times :D).
I´m thinking about buying something other than trainers (or how they are called) or winter boots.
I found these in a shop, but I never really hade this type of shoes. I want something for goth and lolita inspired outfits.
What do you think? Should I buy them? :D


And I´m thinking about buying these boots. I wanted them but never had the money. These are little bit (okay, maybe not that little) worn out, but I think I could fix the scratches. But they cost 30€.  Not sure if the price is worth it. :-/

11 Jun 2013

Winter time

I should probably warn you - I´m (little bit) narcissistic :D So I decided to share some of my photos. It´s an inspiration for me too, because I didn´t have time and mood lately and I´m starting to miss standing in front of the camera. And my photographer would like a new photosession as well. But working six days and having only about day and half free, I really don´t have much spare time. -_- I hope this will end soon.
But, back to photos.
Jozef contacted me through ModelMayhem and soon we started to communicate with mails. In December we first met and went to Betliar. Such a beautiful place. :)  It looked amazing with all the white around us. Luckily it wasn´t so cold, but without coat it wasn´t warm either. :D
But it was totally worth it :) And I really enjoyed it, Jozef is a nice guy and it was fun.
This is a first series. More to come :)

Photography: Jozef Masarik
Model: Chloë Noir (me)




Corvus monedula. I first saw this bird in Vienna some years ago. But until about three years from now I never saw it in my location. Always just ravens and crows. But now it seem like the black crows were gone and these are here instead. I´m not going to complain, they are beautiful.
This one was little bit old with almost white eyes. But still beautiful.
And if you want to seem more photos of this lovely black-grey bird, you can see my boyfriends blog :)




8 Jun 2013

Goth stereotypes and me

Stereotypes, streotypes everywhere. :D
I have to say, I can understand why many of the stereotypes actually became stereotypes. And I somehow don´t really mind if someone think that this or that is goth. Like Halloween, vampires, bats and so. It´s mostly harmless, so nevermind.
But I really hate it, when people think we murder animals, or are all antisocial depressive psychopats, who hate everything and everyone, or that we never laught and that sort of stuff.
But going back to stereotypes, especially the ones, that apply to me.

- Black of course. I love black color. Having a job where I have to wear all white was just killing me and I used every chance to wear atleast black pants. :D But I´m little bit happier now, because I´m in a section, where we have gray t-shirts and the pants don´t really mind, so yeeey :D
I wear black most the time, sometimes in combination with red, purple, white or gray.

7 Jun 2013

A gift for a friend

I made a bracelet recently as a gift for my best friend. In the colors she likes the most. I think it really came out good, but more important is that she liked it and was happy. And that made me happy too :D



6 Jun 2013

Hudba I

Hudba is slovak word for music. And this is what I want to talk about a little bit - Slovak music...
Well, to be honest, there are only few slovak bands that I like...a few mostly underground but great bands from all over my little country. None of them will you ever hear at our local radio stations, or in television. Pop, hip-hop and dance, this is mostly what you can hear there. Or some of the classic rock songs...or something new from well-known bands like Linkin Park. Sometimes I wish we would have some alternative radio station, which would also introduce our slovak bands too.
Becauce we have some really good bands here, and some people don´t even know. Somehow sad.
Great punk and rock bands, metal bands and even some goth bands...
So, why not share some of my favourites? :)

One of my favourite goth/deathrock bands is a slovak band. And they are not that unkown.
Ladies and gentlemen - The Last Days of Jesus

5 Jun 2013

Tick tock goes the clock...

I have fallen in love with pocket watches some time ago. I bought me a nice Quartz watch from online shop and then...and then I got mechanical pocket watch from my boyfriend for Christmas. And then again one for my birthday. Now I have three gorgeous watches and what do I do with them? :D
Weeeell, they are so photogenic, I just have to...
Taking photos...I love taking photos of everything, and especially of my watches :D


4 Jun 2013

Red and Black Week: Outfit Compilation

I wanted to post something new, but... I didn´t really feel like thinking about outfit lately. Weather is horrible and I almost go just to work and home, so I mostly wear  some pants and shirt (mostly my Siouxsie shirt I got from my boyfriend ♥). And I´m starting to feel not very well.
So I decided  to go through my old outfit posts from my slovak blog and search for my favourite black and red combinations. To be honest, this is my favourite color combination and this outfits may be older, but I still wear it (I just don´t take photos for the same outfits :D).
And I love black and red stripes (as you will see :D) and I have to say, looking at all the photos makes me want to put the casual clothes away :D


3 Jun 2013

In Dark Faith Eternal

Even thought I discovered this online radio just some days ago, it already counts as one of my favourites.
This is type of music I heard when I was younger, just getting slowly into the subculture.

Darkwave, ethereal, neo-classical, dark ambient and gothic...
This and more at In Dark Faith Eternal...

So go on and listen :)

2 Jun 2013

New haircut? Go for it!

Just some blabbling...

I never wanted a new haircut so badly like now.
Since I was a child I always dreamed about long, straight black hair with a simple fringe. Well, I can´t really have it straight, but at least they are black and long :D
Lately I was thinking about the fringe again. Almost everyone says that I shouldn´t do it. That it won´t suit me. (something in this way)
Well, that may be true, but...I can try, can´t I? How can I know it won´t suit me, when I do not even try?
It was the same with short hair, but when I cut it, many of them changed their minds...it wasn´t that bad in the end.
And I have to say, the more they dissuade me from cutting my hair, the more I want it :D
I really need a little change.
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