27 May 2013

Some first words


It´s almost two years since I left blogspot, my old blog. I don´t even remember why. Maybe because the lack of time? Or lack of ideas? Who knows. But I decided to come back and start again.
New blog, new start.

Many things changed. But many have not.
I´m still a blogger. I still love goth music and subculture. I still love standing behind the camera and in front of it too.
But I´m not a student anymore. I left the university and now I´m working. Not a hard job, but for around 400€ a month? Well...at least I don´t drink and smoke, and almost shop just at thrift stores, so I still can spare something. But that wasn´t really what I wanted to say.  I even started even making videos, that´s lot of fun.
And now I´m in a relationship and in love. Somehow funny, because I never even imagined something like that.
Well, my life took a new direction.

And what will this blog be about? I don´t really know yet. Photos and outfits most likely. Something about me, something about goth and so...what comes :D

Me and my boyfriend ♥

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