28 May 2013

Little bit of DIY

I love modifying things so they can become more personal. Or making my own jewelry.
Most of it is really simple but I like it the way it is. DIY really doesn´t need to be difficult :)

So, here are some of my favourite "works":

The newest one...
A cap. I wanted some like this for a long time now, but couldn´t find a simple black cap that would suit me. I bought this one for 1€ and added studs and chain I already had at home. Simple but I just love it. :)

Earcuff, yeey :D
Since I first saw earcuffs on the internet, I wanted to own one really badly. But finding here an earcuff was really hard work. I finally found some at H&M. There were four of them, but I only  wear one and this is the other one, that I modified.

Chain cross earrings.  I didn´t wear them yet, didn´t have the opportunity, because I can´t wear long or big earrinngs at work, and I hardly have time to go out :-/
Skull earrings. I simply love them. Made from a skull bracelet I bought at Terranova.
And skull again. Some sort of pendant. This was more an experiment, I was just tryin and this came out :D

Well this...this was hard work, and sadly it didn´t come out as I planned, but I still like it.
Watch earrings. I have them right now too. :D
But I really wish I could have one pair in silver too, beacause it´s hard for me to match with this color.

Cuffs necklance. Again...love it, but the color... -_-

This was made because I was little bit experimenting with wire. And wanted something simple and more elegant :)

And this were my first home made earrings. I started some months ago with beads and so. :)
And the last from the new ones...

Butterfly :D To be honest I don´t think I will ever wear this, but there was an idea in my head and I just had to make it. Maybe I will sell it or give it as a present...if somebody would like it :D

And that were my recent works. I post the older ones tomorrow :)


  1. I love the butterfly necklace and the clock earrings, which make me think of the song "4 O'Clock" by Emilie Autumn =)

    1. Thank you. And for the song tip as well :)


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