30 May 2013

Little bit of DIY 2

So...here are some of my older modified things :D And some that my mother made for me :)

Loli Hair Bow...
I wanted to add some lolita touch...couldn´t find any of the hairbows somehow, and when, then they were pink, or other color I don´t really wear. So I had to make me my own. I think it turned out great :)

Old, old...I think, this was one of my first self-made accessories - a simple velvet bracelet with a nice button :D

This in more like me...spiked bracet. Sadly, I didn´t have a black one.

Boring T-shirt modified. This is definitely my favourite and even if it is now ripped at the side, I still wear it.

Top with a cross. I liked it, but there were those little shiny things (I can´t remember how they are called :D)...and I don´t like them on my clothing. So I took them off and then added this chain and the cross. :)

I modified one of my old pants too. I added the same straps I added on the t-shirt and some studs too. They really aren´t so shapeless while wearing :D But I´ve got them since...I don´t know..end of the elementary school or beginning of high school :D And that is really looong, loong ago :D
They look like this

Shorts! I din´t like them till I made these one :D Again the straps :D Sewing them on can surely change the look of clothes :D

Collars. Oh, how I wanted a collar. I ended ordering one from internet, but I din´t see it was brown...and way too big. But it was cheap, a  sale. I saved the spikes of course. And then I saw this thin belt at a thrift store. So...there were holes already, I just cut it and made two spiked collars (I later gave the one without bat to my boyfriend :) )

I needed more spikes to finish the second collar, so I took them from an old bracelet I had. But I didn´t want to throw it out...I attached a red ribbon and rivets :)

And...these are which my mother made for me:



Knitted turtleneck sweater. Ideal for winter days :D

Another turtleneck sweater. It was bought without sleeves and when looking for some fabrics, we found a fishnet one :) And this came out :) And gosh, is this an incredibly old photo :D

Choker with beads. I love this one :)

Now I realize, that I modified quite a lot of things. :D


  1. Love the shorts! And the bat collar. You are so clever with DIY!

    1. Thank you very much :) And you just picked my two favourite things :D


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